PODCAST: Reality Bites #04

By Joe Tibbetts and Andy Bates

Reality like so much else in the visible universe can turn to steam if you shine too bright a light on it.  So Reality Bites, the weekly podcast that Andy Bates and I cook-up, tries hard not to take serious matters too seriously and in so doing hopes to catch a fleeting glimpse of a useful truth via a series of sideways glances.

Curiously our joking attempts at predicting what trip hazards await us in the wonderful world of cyber seem more likely to hit the target than those predictions delivered with a long face and a sigh of existential gloom.

Our podcast styles itself the search for the soul of the new machine. Well actually it was me that described it as such and I must just fess up and take my punishment. As Miss Piggy said, “Pretentious? Moi?” Well yes. And I’m proud that the heroic leader of Pigs in Space and I have so much in common. But then ask yourself this question: If someone has to teach the machines to think, would you rather it was Miss Piggy or one of the current batch of leaders of the free world who did the teaching?

To listen in to the one where Andy talks to the Global Cyber Alliance, and predicts the global ransomware attack while Joe paraphrases John Le Care, gets invited to a secret defence establishment and serves Black Pudding French style, click here.


Joe Tibbetts is the CEO of Boilerhouse Online Publications, and Andy Bates is the CTO for Public Sector in EMEA for Verizon, a Global Cyber Alliance partner. You can follow Reality Bites on Twitter @RealityBitesQnA.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Global Cyber Alliance.