Agari Research: One in Five Advanced Email Attacks Sent from Compromised Accounts

Agari published their report, Q1 2019 Email Fraud & Identity Deception Trends. The report reveals that ATO (account take-over) attacks compromise 20% of advanced email attacks. ATO attacks are one of the most dangerous as they are more difficult to identify than typical attacks since they’re being sent from a real sender’s account. This makes it difficult for email filters and end users to recognize the attack.

Additionally, Agari’s report released a few other stats regarding DMARC:

  • The total number of DMARC domains increased from 5.3Million to 6.1Million (15% quarter over quarter increase)
  • The number of Fortune 500 corporate domains at reject increases from 44 to 50 (14% increase)
  • The number of brands that have published a BIMI logo increase from 48 to 81 (69% increase)

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Download Agari’s Q1 2019 Email Fraud & Identity Deception Trends by clicking here.