Brand Impersonation Attacks on Law Firms Harm Clients and Cost Millions

“Law Firms are High-Value Targets for Email Impostors,” states Agari’s Chief Marketing Officer, Armen Najarian.

Wire fraud is on the rise as email scammers set their eyes on attorneys, other legal professionals, and their clients. “Real estate wire fraud, including email impersonation scams, cost US victims $56 million in 2017.” However, wire fraud is not the only cyberattack these scammers are causing by impersonating legal professionals. According to the Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange, scammers who impersonate attorneys are sending their “clients” login links for Office 365 and other third-party services. This gives the criminals access to their victims email accounts, banking, shopping, and social media information.

Why are law firms getting hit hard with these attacks? Simple: Law firms lack in DMARC implementation. Najarian states, “3 of the top 100 law firms worldwide had DMARC policies set to the strictest policy.” It’s time attorneys and legal professionals implement DMARC on their firm’s active and unused domains to protect themselves and their clients.

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