Small Business Cybersecurity: Prevent Phishing and Viruses

Every year many small businesses fall victim to costly malware and phishing attacks, and it can be difficult to survive. These attacks can infect your systems resulting in revenue loss, expensive recovery costs, data loss, damage to reputation and more.

Prevent Phishing and Viruses Toolbox

The tools included in this toolbox aim to help prevent these types of attacks. Included are: DNS security (DNS, or Domain Name Service, is the method by which you are able to navigate the internet) to help prevent you from going to infected websites; anti-virus software to help prevent viruses and other malicious software from getting into your systems; and ad blockers to help prevent online ads, which can carry viruses. We recommend considering use of one of each of these tools on the devices you identified in the “Know What You Have” step.

Use the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business to access tools to assist you in setting up DNS security to block known malicious websites. Also check out the tools to help install anti-virus software and adblockers.

Since the original post this toolbox has been renamed Prevent Phishing and Malware.