Squared Watermelon Ltd and Global Cyber Alliance - Global Partners Striving to Ensure Cyber Security

By Preeti Rana

Squared Watermelon Ltd has partnered with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to assist with the mitigation of cyber risk. Squared Watermelon’s global reach through its various businesses makes it a key strategic partner.

They assist clients internationally with innovative solutions in financial services, marketing, business development, branding, and public relations. The company has been acclaimed for its focus on the “Next Generation”. In their efforts to support the Next Generation, Squared Watermelon founded the 21st Century Icon Awards, now in its third year, to mentor and showcase young leaders and innovators who are making a global impact in sports, entertainment, businesses and civil society.

The 21st Century Icon Awards are global, unique, distinctive and celebrate the success of the Next Generation. The awards are regarded as the preeminent Champions of the Next Generation.  Each year the awards are acclaimed internationally, and the Gala Dinner has become London’s premier black tie event attended by CEOs, professionals, successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, film stars, sports personalities and thought leaders. The awards are a perfect melange of a social and corporate event. Last participants/finalists attended from 20 countries. The 21st Century Icon Awards Gala Dinner will be hosted on 13th September 2019 at the Rosewood London.

An eminent panel of judges carry out the unenviable task of deciding winners based on core values each winner embodies, making them worthy of being venerated as the highest symbol of achievement in their fields and as 21st century icons. The awards have become a platform for individuals/companies to innovate, scale and grow.

Tarun Ghulati and Preeti Rana, co-founders of Squared Watermelon and who created the awards, are ardent admirers and believers in the Next Generation. They are true Champions of the Next Generation.