The Art of the Takedown: SXSW 2017!

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From the Sony Hack, to the OPM Breach, to a hundred other and smaller events, cyber security (or the lack thereof) has had an impact little felt before by so vast a number of people. The truth is that our security posture is no longer solely the realm of the government. It now is incumbent on us, nonprofits and the private sector, to band together to help one another and our respective governments in order to identify, inhibit, prevent, and take down cyber threats. Even though, many people have heard the term cyber security, few have ever given thought to what they or their respective organizations can do to enhance our mutual cyber security posture.
“The Art of the Takedown,” a presentation that the Global Cyber Alliance is looking forward to presenting at South by Southwest 2017, will take the audience inside a cyber takedown. They’ll learn about who has traditionally participated, how coalitions are built across industries and international borders, the necessary skill sets, the motivations of the actors, and how these partnerships work together to combat cyber threats. If nothing else, the audience will walk away with an understanding of the importance of private-public partnerships in securing the cyber realm.
Voting is now open on PanelPicker and continues through September 2nd. Spread the word far and wide – pick GCA for #SXSW2017!