The State of the Operational Ecosystem

“In cyberspace, the bad guys have the upper hand: speed, anonymity, and leverage – essentially unbounded by space and time.”

Phil Reitinger, President & CEO of GCA, and Tony Sager, Senior Vice President & Chief Evangelist of CIS, published The State of the Operational Ecosystem. Their piece touched on the cybersecurity ecosystem and explained the risks some individuals and companies still face. “Our people are chasing their robots” as Rich Struse, Chief Strategist for Cyber Threat Intelligence at MITRE, described it.

Reitinger and Sager explain that a majority of our defenses are “pinned down” by huge problems such as:

  • Poorly engineered software
  • Missing patches
  • Unenforceable policies
  • Poor configuration choices
  • Inconsistent and sometimes conflicting security controls.

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The State of the Operational Ecosystem