Unwanted Traffic: When Does 'Normal Bad' Become 'Bad Bad'?

AIDE, GCA’s initiative on IoT security, has been collecting data on IoT attacks for almost four years. With close to five billion incidents captured by a network of passive sensors distributed globally, the repository also offers a very valuable perspective on the enormous volumes of unwanted traffic that circulate through our networks every day.

Leslie Daigle, GCA’s Chief Technical Officer and Internet Integrity Program Director, explored the connections between our work and the issue of unwanted traffic in a recent interview published by DeviceSecurity.io.

In her latest article, published this week by RIPE Labs and inspired by a paper she presented at the RIPE84 event, she offers some revealing figures and she elaborates on those findings, which have deep implications for the integrity of the Internet as a whole.

So, how much unwanted traffic is considered normal? How much is simply too bad? The debate is open.

You can access the full post in the link below: