Welcome to Mr. Saad Alhowaymel, GCA’s New Ambassador in Saudi Arabia

As a perfect closing for a challenging but rewarding 2020, I am very pleased to announce that the global reach of GCA will be reinforced by the addition of two new ambassadors in the Middle East. The first one of them is Mr. Saad Alhowaymel, Chief Executive Officer of Managed Services.

Managed Services is a Saudi Arabian cybersecurity company with a comprehensive display of services and solutions and a clear objective: “Helping every business in the region embrace technology in a safe and secure manner such that we can all reach our business goals in support of a strong, healthy economy for the whole of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Under the assumption that not every business has the means to fight cybercrime, Managed Services works closely with small and medium-sized businesses to help under-resourced organizations overcome their cybersecurity challenges.

That regional vision, together with their alignment with GCA’s capacity-building efforts in the small and medium-sized enterprise segment, makes them a natural ally for expanding our work in the Middle East.

In fact, Managed Services has been a partner of GCA for more than a year. Initially the involvement with GCA was around DMARC, but I am pleased to say that discussions have evolved to include our Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business and our outreach efforts around the Domain Trust project. Managed Services has been instrumental in a number of conversations in the region which GCA will continue in 2021.

Mr. Saad Alhowaymel’s leadership and personal commitment has taken this collaboration to a different level.

Mr. Alhowaymel and Managed Services have provided a brilliant introduction for GCA into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are so mindful of cultural differences to countries where GCA has started its journey but also of a common interest in combating cyber criminals who do not respect international or cultural boundaries.

This is why we especially rely on trusted supporters such as Mr. Alhowaymel to help GCA’s global mission be relevant in Saudi Arabia and the wider Arabic-speaking nations and cultures.

Welcome to the team of GCA Ambassadors, Mr. Alhowaymel, and thank you for your continued support.