When Cyber Life Imitates Art | An Interview with Peter W. Singer

By Philip Reitinger

I recently had a chance to catch up with Peter W. Singer, a world-renowned thinker and strategist about cyber conflicts and politics.

On May 26 he and August Cole published Burn-In, a “novel” based just a few years into the future when cyber is king and artificial intelligence is of ever-increasing importance. The book is a “novel” because while it is fictional, the events in it are all based on incidents and facts that have actually occurred (and references are provided). In short, the plot is far more realistic than what you might find in the nonfiction section of your local library. Peter and I discuss artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cyber warfare.

Burn-In is a taught techno-thriller, compelling in its writing, plot, and science. Get smarter and be entertained – what could be better?!

We also discuss LikeWar, an actual nonfiction book published in 2018 by Peter and co-author Emerson T. Brooking. LikeWar is about the weaponization of social media.

Together, these books talk about a world where the virtual has become of equal importance to the physical, and where the changeable nature of truth and reality and the power of machines put the nature of reality at risk. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

The author, Philip Reitinger, is the President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter @CarpeDiemCyber.