Winter Has Come: Collective Action in Cyberspace

By Tom Kellermann

Cyberspace is not a pacific environment.  It never has been.

Cyberspace of 2016 has become a free-fire zone with a multiplicity of actors.  The cyber arms bazaar that flourishes around the world has allowed for criminals and developing nations to wage long term campaigns against corporations and government agencies. These cybercriminals stalk businesses and consumers from the fog of the dark web.

Cybercriminals thrive due to lack of situational awareness and the lack of recognition and authentication of messages and websites.  As our country and the international community awakens to the crime wave within our digital neighborhoods, a cacophony of voices are demanding collective action.

Strategic Cyber Ventures joined the Global Cyber Alliance to buttress the global public policy initiatives of this historic endeavor.  Increasing the exchange of threat intelligence and eliminating the impersonation of email are cornerstones of civilizing cyberspace.

These represent two foundational initiatives which SCV and the Alliance religiously believe in.

The Global Cyber Alliance has begun to tackle these two historic challenges.


Build an open source threat intelligence platform that collects, analyzes and produces RPZ policies, and build and maintain a Recursive DNS infrastructure that implements those policies to improve the security posture of organizations or individuals.


Build and distribute a wizard to reduce the burden of DMARC implementation on organizations. Develop a public awareness campaign through GCA’s international partnership network to increase the implementation rate of DMARC around the globe.

These two initiatives would civilize cyberspace and assist in the dismantling of cybercrime conspiracies.  Strategic Cyber Ventures will continue to invest in cybersecurity companies who can disrupt the cybercrime wave and is proud to support the Global Cyber Alliance in her mission to civilize cyberspace.

The author, Tom Kellermann, is the CEO and co-founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures, a Global Cyber Alliance partner. You can follow him on Twitter @TAKellermann or @SVC_Cyber.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Global Cyber Alliance.