A Safer Industrial IoT for Latin America

CIC-IoT-IIoT and GCA Partner to Protect the Development of Industrial IoT in Latin America


Santiago de Chile / New York, December 19, 2022. The Chilean Research Center on Cybersecurity, IoT, and IIoT (CIC-IoT-IIoT), based in Santiago, is a unique organization in the vast Latin American region.

Thanks to the scope of its work, IoT and IIoT security, and to its ambitious agenda of activities, from research and training to supporting national response centers, the collaboration networks of CIC-IoT-IIoT have international reach.

The partnership signed with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a global reference in the ecosystem of non-profit organizations working for a safer Internet, seeks precisely to broaden that reach.

GCA will help CIC-IoT-IIoT integrate its work with that of the other partners of GCA’s IoT project, AIDE (Automated IoT Defense Ecosystem).

The partners of AIDE include research centers, cybersecurity agencies, and companies from several continents. The project has just begun the process of transforming itself into a community of action focused on researching IoT security and its connections with the immense volumes of malicious traffic that pervade our global networks. A collaboration with the Government of Singapore, through its cybersecurity agency, CSA Singapore, is the flagship action of this project.

‘The agreement with CIC-IoT-IIoT is excellent news for AIDE,’ said Leslie Daigle, Chief Technical Officer and Internet Integrity Program Director at GCA.

‘The industrial component of the center, its involvement in the Chilean digital strategy, thanks to its participation in the Senate’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and its presence in the Latin American region offer us a diversity of perspectives perfectly aligned with the very diversity that AIDE is acquiring as a project. The timing is also very appropriate, now that we are finally starting to build a community of researchers around our data (8 billion incidents in four years!) and our collection technology, ProxyPot. Finding positive synergies in this environment will be an easy task,’ she concluded.

Freddy Macho, president and founder of CIC-IoT-IIoT, believes that ‘the partnership agreement signed between GCA and our center is a sign of the importance of developing research work in hyperconverged environments, such as IoT and IIoT. Our goal of driving secure growth in the various verticals that comprise these environments, as well as in the technology enablers that facilitate and empower them, has plenty of ground to take root in GCA’s partnership-based structure. We are eager to begin our collaboration.’

The new alliance kicks off with a key date on the horizon: the November 2023 celebration of ‘National Critical Infrastructure and Resilience Month’ in Chile, for which IIoT security will play a central role. Both organizations are committed to making this celebration a perfect occasion to summarize the progress made in their first year of collaboration.