Around the Cyber World in Eighty Days

By Renée McLaughlin

Global means global. And our GCA team is certainly racking up the airline miles. From Nairobi, to Singapore, to New York City, to London, to Puerto Rico – we are making our way around the world to meet and engage with existing and prospective partners of the Global Cyber Alliance.

But it’s not just about talk. Anyone can say they are partnering to fight the good cause. Here at GCA, we were specifically established to collaborate across boundaries and sectors to take action, to take risks, to promote successful solutions, and not be afraid to learn from failure. We’re here to Do Something. Measure It. So our globetrotting is not just about visiting interesting people and places (although they are all really interesting). We’re searching for those organizations and individuals who are willing to actively join us in this fight by doing everything from promoting our solutions and resources through trusted networks and training opportunities, to providing threat intelligence feeds to our DNS Service, to providing subject matter expertise, to providing case studies and data so we can measure our efforts. Every contribution counts.

One of the things we are excited about this year is the ability to sponsor events in various corners of the world as an extension of our partnership engagement and promotion of solutions to reduce systemic cyber risk. As part of the next eighty-days of running the global roads, we have several events that we are sponsoring, supporting, and/or attending. If you are attending any, please give us a shout so we can discuss how we can work together!

AfricaCERT Program for AIS 2017

Nairobi, Kenya May 25-26

GCA Strategic Advisory Committee Meeting

London, UK June 2

Infosecurity Europe

London, UK June 6-8

29th Annual FIRST Conference

San Juan, PR June 11-16

Borderless Cyber USA Conference

GCA Sponsorship!

New York, NY June 21-22

BlackHat USA 2017

Las Vegas, NV July 22-27

RSA Conference Asia Pacific and Japan 2017

GCA Sponsorship!

Singapore, July 26-28

The author, Renée McLaughlin, is the Director of Digital Media and Editorial at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow her on Twitter @RNMc3.