GCA and auDA Partner to Contribute to Improve the Australian Digital Ecosystem

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) today announced they have entered into a partnership with the .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) to enhance cybersecurity and information exchange.

auDA oversees the operation and management of the .au domain, which is critical infrastructure that supports Australia’s digital economy and society.

auDA will join  Domain Trust, a GCA project that facilitates the exchange of information on malicious domains within the domain sector to support a reduction in cybercrime. Domain Trust is gradually evolving into a community of action, with an increasing level of engagement – both direct,  -by means of the Domain Trust Community Meetings-, and indirect, by means of GCA’s partners.

auDA’s involvement in Domain Trust will support information sharing, help raise awareness of DNS abuse mitigation strategies and support continued low levels of domain abuse in .au.

GCA is committed to support Australia in its effort to increase cyber resilience, engaging auDA with similar organizations, and promoting a whole-of-society approach, such as Cyber Civil Defence (CCD).

“Robust cyber security is crucial to support effective economies and societies in a world that is shaped by digital technologies,” said Dr Bruce Tonkin, Chief Operating Officer at auDA. “As advocate for an open, free, secure and global internet, we are pleased to partner with GCA to strengthen our respective cyber expertise, share cyber intelligence, and unlock the positive social and economic value the internet offers.”

“auDA’s role as custodians of a reliable and secure .au makes it an outstanding partner for our alliance. Its collaboration will offer our community better knowledge of the online environment and crucial role of cybersecurity. I am sure they will also benefit from insights shared by other policy authorities and industry regulatory bodies for domain spaces,” said Leslie Daigle, GCA’s Chief Technology Officer and Director of the Internet Integrity Program.

.au Domain Administration Limited (“auDA”) is the trusted administrator of the .au country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

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