BreachAware, New Partner for GCA’s Domain Trust Community and Intelligence Platform 

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and BreachAware, a software service that provides organizations with advanced analysis of compromised assets within data breaches, have entered a partnership to join forces around Domain Trust. 

GCA’s Domain Trust project reduces the number and impact of domain names (for websites, e-mail) registered for malicious purposes. With approximately 500K new unique domains obtained per month among the Internet industry, the project has built a community of organizations working together to combat the abuse of domains.

Our repository provides registries, registrars, and cyber protection agencies with large-scale sets of data on suspected malicious and criminal domains, facilitating takedown if appropriate. 

We are very excited to welcome BreachAware to the growing Domain Trust Community and believe the evidentiary data that they can offer to our partners will add significant value to the Community’s collective goal in preventing and mitigating domain abuse,” stated Dan Owen, Product Manager for Domain Trust.


“In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the relentless threat of cybercriminals looms large over organizations and society at large. At BreachAware®, we firmly believe that forging partnerships and collaborations with esteemed members of the Global Cyber Alliance can play a pivotal role in mitigating these risks. By harnessing our actionable intelligence, together, we can make a substantial and positive impact for the greater good,” Andrew Alston, Managing Director at BreachAware® Ltd added.



The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating cyber risk and improving our connected world. At GCA we build programs, partnerships, and tools to make the connected world safer and more secure for all.

BreachAware®, a cutting-edge B2B cloud software service, specializes in providing invaluable privacy exposure intelligence for email domains. Its advanced technology scours the digital landscape, analyzing millions of newly leaked accounts each week to safeguard organizations. Industry agnostic, it is extending its global reach and impact. Their scan, accompanied by a public classified report, has garnered attention from more than 140 countries worldwide.