Celebrating Domain Trust through our Partners

As Domain Trust gradually evolves into a community of action, the volume of engagement around the project is also increasing, either directly, by means of the Domain Trust Community Meetings, or indirectly, by means of our partners.

On the occasion of the celebration of Cybersecurity Month (NCSAM & ECSM), we have decided to compile a selection of links that prove the simple statement that Domain Trust —and the Global Cyber Alliance in general— is just as good as the commitment of its partners.

The commitment of our partners has been fundamental for the evolution of the project, right from its very beginning (CentralNic and ICANN) and during the initial stage of our community-building efforts (Bfore.ai, PuntuEUS, and Quad9).

Word of mouth and the invitation to participate at the specialized forums of our partners and prospects (for instance, the geoTLD Group, where we met two of our partners, PuntuEUS and Dominio PuntoGal) and even to co-organize them (for instance, ScamAdviser’s Global Anti Scam Summit, now turning three years) brought us deep into some of our target groups and increased the credibility of our project. Organic growth by direct referrals from our partners has been a constant since the beginning of the project.

This year, that momentum has continued. Thanks to the support of ICANN and other partners in the domain registration industry, we have managed to be present at the three largest meetings of that community:

  • ICANN73 (March), with a debate on DNS abuse moderated by GCA and with the participation of Bfore.ai, the DNS Abuse Institute, Crowdstrike, and Quad9
  • ICANN74 (June), with a direct presence in The Hague (Netherlands), where we had a chance to meet many of our partners and collaborators in person for the first time
  • ICANN75 (September), where we participated indirectly, by means of a presentation by PuntuEUS where Domain Trust was showcased as a central piece of this TLD’s cybersecurity strategy and of a debate on capacity-building held by the geoTLD Group during the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) session

Likewise, some weeks ago, Domain Trust was invited to participate at the quarterly meeting of TUFF, an anti fraud association of British telecoms that has just joined the initiative.

And finally, last week, in Barcelona (Spain), GCA was given an opportunity to present Domain Trust before the Administrative Group of CENTR, the association of European country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registries. This presentation was possible thanks to a direct invitation from one of our core partners, EURid, and to the collaboration of the event’s co-hosts, Fundació .CAT.

Stay tuned for some more posts on the activity of our partners. The celebration has not finished yet!


The author, Alejandro Fernández-Cernuda Díaz, is the Director of Engagement of the Internet Integrity Program, where Domain Trust sits. You can connect with Alejandro on LinkedIn.