Excellent News from the Domain Trust Community

As Domain Trust is gradually evolving from a data exchange platform into an action-oriented community of partners around the global issue of domain abuse, we keep on receiving excellent news from our partners.

Yesterday, two of the most active collaborators in Domain Trust, Quad9 and bfore.ai, announced a partnership aimed at augmenting Quad9’s protective DNS services with bfore.ai’s artificial intelligence-driven ‘PreCrime‘ cybersecurity protection. The integration of bfore.ai and Quad9 will generate hundreds of thousands of new and unique indicators of future cyber threats, enabling their customers to be protected from cyberattacks before they even start.

You can read about this new partnership and the amazing case that helped build it in the following link:

Earlier this week, PuntuEUS Fundazioa, in charge of the .EUS top level domain and one of the newest collaborators of Domain Trust, published their annual Cybersecurity Report for 2021. In that report, collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance and the Basque Cyber Security Centre (BCSC), also a partner of GCA, is highlighted as one of the key components of PuntuEUS’ commitment to a better cybersecurity for the users of the .EUS domain.

You can access the full report in the link below:

These efforts evidence the individual commitment of our partners to the fight against domain abuse and work as an appetizer for the results that the Domain Trust Community will start to produce once it kicks off its activity and its quarterly meetings.

Stay tuned for further updates!


The author, Alejandro Fernández-Cernuda Díaz, is the Director of Engagement of the Internet Integrity Program, where Domain Trust sits. You can connect with Alejandro on LinkedIn.