ELLIO Technology Joins Forces with GCA to Reduce Alert Fatigue and Drive Automation in Cybersecurity

ELLIO Technology and the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) have reached a partnership agreement that will result in strengthening collaboration in Europe. Based in Prague, ELLIO develops an ML-based solution designed to effectively filter out generic attacks, reduce alert fatigue, and minimize false positives/negatives.

Their mission is to deliver ML-powered solutions that enhance the efficiency of security teams, helping them accelerate the real-time identification of critical cybersecurity incidents by decreasing the number of non-critical ones.

“At ELLIO Technology, we believe in the power of partnership. Collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) offers us valuable access to useful resources and allows us to draw insights from our industry peers.” Vlad Iliushin, Co-Founder & CEO at ELLIO said.

Building a safer Internet is a key objective for GCA. The solution developed by ELLIO assists to automate and effectively handle a large volume of cybersecurity alerts, leading to quick and timely identification and resolution of critical high-risk security incidents, which align with many of our partners and communities’ efforts.


ELLIO Technology is a cybersecurity company developing automation solutions in cybersecurity. Its ML-based solutions are designed to effectively filter out generic attacks, reduce alert fatigue and false positives/negatives. With ELLIO’s network of internet sensors, they collect and analyze internet traffic, identify attack data while tagging exploits and vulnerabilities. Through the advanced ML-engine and in-depth research, they enable organizations to gain a clearer picture of cyber security attacks and incidents. The company’s primary mission is to free the overwhelmed teams’ hands and allow them to concentrate on the threats that really matter instead of focusing on investigating random internet noise.