GCA and Amazon Team Up to Strengthen Cyber Education and Reduce Cyber Risks with a Focus on Digital Natives

New York, 31 July 2023. Today, the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) announces a new collaboration with Amazon focused on fostering consumer education around scam identification, prevention, and reducing the stigma around reporting scams among young adult Internet users, ranging from 18-25 years old.


Both organizations engage with this community to gain new insights into their needs and vulnerabilities through understanding attitudes, behaviors, and user habits with respect to cyber hygiene and scams, among other topics.


Despite their digital experience, young adult Internet users are still susceptible to scams and other cyber threats. According to the 2022 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker Risk Report, people ages 18–24 reported the highest median dollar loss ($220) of all age groups, up nearly 30% from $170 in 2021.


GCA and Amazon also share an interest in providing targeted scam prevention resources or solutions for this community, born when the Internet had just achieved widespread use and among its most active users[1].


Call to Action


GCA and Amazon agree that effectively combating scams and online fraud requires collaboration of many stakeholder groups. The engagement launched through joint efforts welcomes broader participation with other like-minded organizations. All interested parties are encouraged to contact us at GCA to learn more.


Brian Cute, GCA’s Chief Operating Officer and Director of the Capacity & Resilience Program, said, “We are excited for this collaboration with Amazon. With its global community, it is a leading organization and key stakeholder for spreading cybersecurity awareness to help us achieve our commitment to building a safer, more secure world. Reaching the true digital native generation is a great challenge for an organization like GCA, and we hope our work with Amazon will help us meet audiences where they are.”


About the Global Cyber Alliance

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk and improving our connected world. At GCA we build programs, partnerships, and tools to make the connected world safer and more secure for all.

[1] As of 2022, global internet usage was higher among individuals between 15 and 24 years across all regions, according to Statista.