GCA Joins a Global Statement on IoT Security Led by the World Economic Forum

Today, the Global Cyber Alliance has joined a global statement of support on consumer IoT device security led by the World Economic Forum’s Council of the Connected World, leaders from Consumers International, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, and I Am the Cavalry.

The signatories of the statement represent over 400 organizations from around the world that have collaborated to recognize an emerging consensus on five baseline cybersecurity provisions for consumer IoT devices:

  1. No universal default passwords
  2. Implementing a vulnerability disclosure policy
  3. Keeping software updated
  4. Securely communicating
  5. Ensuring that personal data is secure

Those familiar with GCA’s extensive work around IoT security, focused on our AIDE project (started back in 2019), will recognize some of the findings of our ‘IoT Policy and Attack Report‘ in those five baseline cybersecurity provisions.

The statement also continues some previous work by GCA around the security of smart devices, such as this experiment conducted last year with Which? and the NCC Group.

For further information on the statement, please visit the links below:

If you are working on any project connected with IoT security and wish to join this global effort, please reach out to us. We will be delighted to talk with you and explore possibilities for collaboration.