Global Cyber Alliance’s Impact in Indonesia with Support from Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Mercy Corps Indonesia

A training session being given by Ayrton Eduardo AryaprabawaIn October 2020 Global Cyber Alliance joined forces with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Mercy Corps Indonesia by joining Mastercard Academy 2.0 – a flagship program funded by the Mastercard Impact Fund – whose target is to empower over 100,000 Indonesians with the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy.

Working with Mercy Corps Indonesia, the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business was translated into Bahasa Indonesia and integrated within Mercy Corps’ MicroMentor Platform – a digital platform specifically designed to guide small business owners through essential skills needed to succeed and grow in the digital economy. This gave small business owners direct access to the tools, courses, and resources needed to reduce the cyber risk that comes with conducting any part of their business online. The MicroMentor platform matches small business owners and entrepreneurs (known as mentees) with volunteer mentors, individuals from different backgrounds who have undergone an approved Mastercard Academy 2.0 training program conducted by MicroMentor Indonesia. GCA provided cybersecurity training and materials to MicroMentor Indonesia and its volunteer mentors, who, in turn, were able to provide training and support directly to help the business owners within their communities.

One such person who signed up early for the MicroMentor Indonesia program was Ayrton Eduardo Aryaprabawa, founder and leader of Crevolutionz, a digital marketing and branding agency that helps small businesses and start-ups develop their digital marketing strategy. Since 2017 Ayrton has explored a career path in the digital and business industry.

Ayrton is also a professional translator and studied English Linguistics at the State University of Malang City, Indonesia. He joined the first cohort of mentors who received GCA training in October 2020. The format and content of the training enabled him to look at cybersecurity differently and to apply it within the context of his business, taking a structured approach from a data management and accessibility perspective.

Ayrton is now a Master Mentor through MicroMentor Indonesia, he provides cybersecurity training, based on the training he received from GCA to other mentors and the end-user community, always tailoring his training to the audience – making it relevant and at a level that will ensure adoption, encouraging peer group discussion and debate. He constantly receives positive feedback and follow-up questions indicating to him that attendees implement the recommendations and tools within their businesses and personal online use. Ayrton is regularly called upon to present and estimates that he has trained over 1,000 mentors who in turn, have provided training to over 10,000 micro-businesses across Indonesia. Ayrton and mentors like him are breaking down the biggest barriers to adoption – ensuring small business owners and user communities understand the importance and relevance of cybersecurity within the context of their own environment and what steps they should be implementing to reduce their risk alongside the necessary tools and resources at no financial cost to them.