Philip Reitinger: “Cybersecurity is a fundamental human right.”

GCA’s President & CEO, Philip Reitinger, recently met Anna Delaney, Director of  Information Security Media Group (ISMG) Productions, in an interview that capped off a busy year for the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). GCA builds communities to deploy tools, services, and programs that provide cybersecurity at global scale.

Although cybersecurity is a fundamental human right for sustainable growth and development, it is currently maintained by volunteers and others who work with razor-thin budgets and resources, Reitinger explained during the conversation.

Leading a neutral, mission-driven, and action-oriented nonprofit experienced in  mobilizing efforts towards collective action, he will be chairing the first Common Good Cyber Workshop at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. in February 2024. 

Among the highlights on his plate in 2024 is also the transfer of the MANRS secretariat, effective January 1. GCA will seek to make this routing security initiative grow, as it is doing with other successful initiatives around domain names (Domain Trust) and IoT security and unwanted traffic (AIDE), with 18 million unique domains shared and 5.5 billion IoT security incidents collected, respectively.

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Watch the interview and read the story on InfoRisk Today to know more about our achievements, GCA Cybersecurity Tools and Solutions, upcoming events and plans, our views on cybersecurity risks linked to AI, data collection, and barriers to work at global scale.

GCA achieves global scale in three ways: working with communities; engaging infrastructure owners and operators; and driving strategic mobilizations for collective action on cybersecurity.