Just Patch It: Update to Avoid Heartache

May 21st is “I Need a Patch For That” day. If you’re ever wondering if you need to update your device, the answer is: why yes, yes you do! It turns out there are a number of serious vulnerabilities on various platforms that are putting devices, systems, and networks at risk of being hacked. Our friends and allies in the security community are trying to get the word out about these security risks and are asking people to run the updates quickly to avoid cyberattacks.

Microsoft (last week was Patch Tuesday – fixes for 111 security issues)

Microsoft Exchange

PaloAlto Networks

Samsung – all phones since 2014


VMWare’s Directory Service

Time and again, it comes down to the basics. Regular updates of systems and devices ranks among the top things you can do to reduce your cybersecurity risk. When possible, use the latest version of software and enable automatic updates to stay current. Visit GCA’s Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business and the Work From Home. Secure Your Business website for more information on keeping systems and software up to date. You can also tune in to the #GCAchat on Twitter this Thursday, May 21st at 10:00 AM ET/3 PM BST/4 PM CEST where we will be joined by our partners to discuss available resources.