Thanks to a collaborative effort with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Mercy Corps Indonesia, and the Global Cyber Alliance, thousands of entrepreneurs, micro, small, and medium businesses have received training and are more aware of how to ensure their digital future.

The Global Cyber Alliance is pleased to present Keamanan Digital Untuk Semua – Digital Safety for Everyone. We invite you to join Devi, a mother, housewife and entrepreneur, as she incorporates cybersecurity into her daily behavior and the impact this has on her confidence, business future, and family life.

In Indonesia, small and medium enterprises serve as the backbone of the economy. With over 64 million people in this community, they are responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds of millions.

Thanks to a partnership between Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Mercy Corps Indonesia and Global Cyber Alliance, entrepreneurs like Devi – micro, small, and medium businesses across Indonesia have the skills and tools needed to increase their online digital safety and better protect themselves from cyber attack.

The cybersecurity program under Mastercard Academy 2.0, ran between January 2021 and December 2022 and was funded by a grant from the Mastercard Impact Fund. During the program timeframe the cybersecurity toolkit received over 63,000 views from more than 300 different cities. The legacy and impact of the toolkit continues as these figures increase on an ongoing basis.


Brian Cute COO and Capacity & Resilience Director at the Global Cyber Alliance: ‘Supported by our partners in Indonesia, we have built a virtuous and repeatable model including the translation of our Cybersecurity Toolkit, training of local trainers, and solid contribution to business peer learning. It is a model that enables individuals and MSMEs anywhere to determine their digital future’.

Ade Soekadis Executive Director at Mercy Corps Indonesia: ‘Our training program launched in 2020 has resulted in enhanced skills, job retention and creation, improved access to finance and professional networks, and has made a significant impact on Indonesia’s digital transformation journey’.

Subhashini Chandran – Vice President, Social Impact, Asia Pacific at Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth: ‘Mastercard is delighted to bring a much needed cybersecurity solution for Indonesia’s small businesses. 90% of program participants surveyed, confirmed the use of the toolkit has strengthened their cybersecurity defenses’.

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