Sriya Sogal, a GCA Intern: “In today’s digital age, the most pressing concerns are cybersecurity related.”

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) has spoken with Sriya Sogal, an Actionable Cybersecurity Tools (ACT) intern for four months, to ask her about what she learned, her thoughts on teamwork, and her vision for the future of the Internet. 

We are proud of GCA’s talent, including young people who join us as interns and who have taken an interest in the intersection between technology, risk assessment, and understanding technical needs and challenges from a community perspective. At GCA, we work to deliver a secure and trustworthy Internet by building communities to deploy tools, services, and programs that provide cybersecurity on a global scale.

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Why is a tool like ACT important and how do you think you have contributed to that?

ACT provides a consolidated resource for different cybersecurity tools, which allows businesses and communities to streamline their cybersecurity efforts.

It makes it very easy for professionals to find immediate help for their cybersecurity questions. Especially for people who don’t have experience or background in cybersecurity, they are able to find exactly what they are looking for and the different processes that they need to implement to keep their businesses safe. In my role with the ACT project, I have been focused on developing specialized pages for the needs of specific communities, including international NGOs and humanitarian organizations and government entities. 

How do you see the future of the Internet and what are the most pressing needs?

I see the future of the Internet as a space where individuals, ideas, and communities can come together to exchange thoughts and ideas, to find answers to challenging questions, and to seek entertainment. In today’s digital age, I believe that the most pressing concerns are cybersecurity related: cyber attacks, cyber bullying, and data privacy issues.

What do you dream of personally and professionally, and how has GCA helped you along that path? 

I aspire to have a future in which I am able to do what I love while having a positive impact in the world. And I want to be able to combine my interest in technology and policy to pursue a career that is challenging, collaborative, and meaningful. 

Through my experiences with GCA, I have had the opportunity to develop professional skills, such as strategic thinking, problem solving, and communication, and they have really helped me to understand the cybersecurity field and the idiosyncrasies that this field plays in safeguarding our world.

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